Westcome - Save Energy and CO2!

Installing a Westcome Heat Exchanger with high efficiency saves energy and thereby CO2 emision.

Our patented High Viscosity Heat Exchanger has the highest efficiency and the lowest pressure loss among comparable products.

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Heat Exchanger for viscous fluids

The Westcome Heat Exchanger is a patented design, targeted the task of heat exhanging viscous fluids, such as sludge to sludge.

The patented design includes several improvements and have an excellent, field proven, record of being both efficient and cleaning and maintenance free.

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Revolutionary performance

  • High temperature efficiency
  • Low flow rate, forced stirring
  • Low pressure drop
  • No fouling
  • Customized design
  • No maintenance
  • Self-cleaning properties
  • No gaskets
  • No risk of circuit short cuts
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Throughout 9 operating years and a throughput of more than 1.2 million m³ biomass / slurry, the heat exchangers have worked to our great satisfaction without any operating problems and without any repairs or maintenance required throughout the period.

Bent Junker Jespersen
Daily manager / Blåbjerg Biogas

As a starting point, we were excited about what was presented to us and our experience from operations since commissioning of the heat exchanger in week 42, in 2009, fully confirms our positive first-hand impression.
The supply is 6m3 / primary sludge / h with a solids content of 3.8%.
The digested sludge mass has a temperature of 55°C which is exchanged with the raw sludge having temperatures of between 6°C-14°C, depending on the seasons.
The efficiency of the heat exchanger is 70% which fully meets what we were promised.

Jan Ravn
Manager / Herning Vand A/S