Who We Are

As of May 2014, Eurotec Biomass A/S renamed the company to Westcome Heat Exchangers A/S.
The new company name reflects our sole business focus on our key product, the patented Westcome Heat Exchanger®. Since 2006, this design has been tested in key installations in primarily Denmark with outstanding results under normal working conditions.
With the newest design, optimized according to working experience,and designed for even better performance and less installation space requirements, we are ready to focus solely on this unique product.

Westcome Heat Exchangers is an innovative, Danish company, working internationally.
As our latest design will also be beneficial for more industries, apart from the original waste-water sludge and biomass business areas, Westcome Heat Exchangers® is now the new name of our old renowned and experienced company.

For the past +10 years, several Westcome Heat Exchangers have been working in Denmark, and based on this on-site experience, the design has been optimized through the years for better performance and easier installation, resulting in the present design.

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The story behind
The Westcome Heat Exchanger®:

When projecting a hydrolysis plant, the need for an efficient, robust sludge/sludge heat exchanger became clear. After investigating the market, we found that no product on the market could fulfill the given requirements and we decided to develop a heat exchanger, due to an idea by Preben Jensen.

The revolutionary design is originally patented (EU1 957 924 B1) and we have submitted a patent for the latest version with better flow / reduced pressure loss, which is currently pending.

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