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Articles and System drawings

Brochure English

Deutsche Broschûre

Article (Danish only). Side 28:

Artikel i KraftVarme nyt om varmeveksler og varmepumper. 

Complete heat pump/ heat exchanger system with valve arrangement.

New: System AA complete illustration. (3D pdf)

Heat exchangers with heat pumps for outstanding performance.

New: Simple princip system AA

Principle of split flow in a heat exchanger / section

Split flow for heat pump applications.

Drawing of the new V3 as of August 2014 (PDF)

New improved generation V3 Heat Exchanger.

Basic considerations of the Westcome heat exchanger design®.

Westcome heat exchanger: Patented principle, design background.

Short introduction in English (PDF)

Introduction to Westcome Heat Exchangers

Data sheet for quotation (PDF)

Quotation form(PDF)

Example of valvearrangements for cross operation.

Valve arrangements, examples.

Brief description and diagram of valvearrangement for cross operation.

Valve operation and connection.

General documents:

Curve of pressure loss factor as a result of velocity.

Velocity and pressure loss diagram

Example of kW calculation as a result of temperature effiency

Example of renewed energy at different temperature effiencies

Excel spreadsheet, draft calculation of renewed kW by PE, DM% etc.

Calculate renewed energy by PE in WW enviroment

Pressure drop as function of flow rate.



Herning Vand

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Herning Vand

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Herning Vand

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Herning Vand

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Herning Vand

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