Westcome Heat Exchanger

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Westcome heat echanegr V3

Flexible dimensions and installation.

A real advantage of the Westcome Heat Exchanger is that it can be customized to fit any available area on site.
Without compromising significantly on working data, it can be built as a long and low construction (fewer, but longer “pipes”) or as a short, but tall construction (more and shorter pipes), or when appropriate, it can be delivered in more sections, but still on the same frame to appear as a uniform unit. Thanks to the patented design: the low pressure drop of the inverters and internal connectors, pressure drop will not be significantly influenced when choosing a short and tall versus a long and low heat exchanger body.

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Low flow rate, low energy consumption

Due to the unique design, a Westcome Heat Exchanger can work at low flow rates from typically 0.3 to 0.5 m/s.
Low flow rates through the heat exchanger means less wear and tear, less pressure drops, less energy consumption, higher efficiency and a longer life. The Westcome Heat Exchanger is designed with a number of inverters that force a turbulent flow, regardless the flowrate.

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No fouling

Due to the design of the Westcome Heat Exchanger, fouling caused by temperature differences (baking) is an unlikely event in normal operations.

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No circuit short cuts

As a robust, full welded construction without gaskets, the risk of a short cut is between the circuits are very minimal.

Each heat exchanger module is pressure tested several times before leaving the work shop and is ofcoursed issued a pressure certificate. Westcome heat exchangers tolerates a high pressure difference between circuits. To prevent contamination of one flow by the other flow, in installations where this feature is mandantory, the pressure of the sensitive flow can intentionally be set higher through the heat exchanger. Thereby, in the unlikely event of an internal leak between the circuits, the sensitive flow will always leak to the other flow, never the other way. Systematic and periodic equipment for automatic pressure test during operation can also be installed, if nessesary.

Download drawing of the new V3 here.


No maintenance, no gaskets, no service

The “no maintenance” feature and low or no cleaning effort needed for a Westcome Heat Exchanger is the result of a number of features included in the design. A record of actual working installations proves the superior “no cleaning” record.

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For installations, which heat exchange the same kind of mass in both circuits (for example sludge/sludge), and when experiencing problems with fouling, caused by changing temperatures (super-saturation) like in some cases struvite, a valve arrangement can be fitted to change the circuit and/or flow direction at regular intervals. Because the 2 circuits are exactly similar and independent from the flow direction, a switch between circuits and flow direction is easy to install and can be automated to work at regular intervals.

-Case: No cleaning since 2009


Insulation improves the working environment

The Westcome Heat Exchanger is by default delivered as an insulated heat exchanger to prevent heat loss to the surroundings. This will often result in an improved working environment.


Sludge-to-water in the same enclosure

The Westcome Heat Exchanger can be delivered in a cabinet as a sludge-to-sludge heat exchanger, but can also be supplied as a sludge-to-sludge heat exchanger with a supplementary sludge/water section, to reach the process temperature. All delivered as a ready-to-mount unit.

Heat Exchanger, ready to be installed