Basic Elements

NOTE: This sub-page describes pre-V3 types. UPDATE to follow.

Installing a Westcome® Heat Exchanger is a fairly straight forward procedure. The unit is delivered with 4 key components:

1. Unit(s): The unit(s) is delivered as a ready-to-mount component. If more units are required, the units are connected with standard type flanges, ready to bolt together, and mounted to the base, with bolts as well.

2. Bases: The bases, 2 or more, depending on unit(s) size, have prethreaded holes for mounting the units, and the frame
sides. The bases are delivered with adjustable machine shoes, allowing for levelling of the units.

3: Frame, frame parts: The frame is normally delivered as 2 long sides, with cross members on top and in the ends. The frame sides are mounted at the end of the bases and the frames are bolted together to form the frame.

4: Doors: The doors are normally supplied with one or 2 quarter turn locks placed at the top. The quarter turn locks can be handle, special tool, or key type. Doors are made of stainless steel by deafult and insulated to reduce heat transfer from the heat exchanger units to the surroundings.

* Frame and doors are standard, but optional upon request.

Heat Exchanger is lowered down through a narrow passage