No Maintenance
and running costs

As the Westcome® Heat Exchanger has no gaskets and no parts requiring scheduled maintenance, there are no scheduled maintenance costs.

Cleaning in common waste water sludge applications are, most often, not nessesary. For more challenging tasks, like sludge containing fat (FOG), a valve arrangement can be built in. This valve arrangement changes the circuits and the flow direction(or just direction) and thereby soluble contents in the sludge, that has covered the surfaces in the heat exchanger, will dissolve.
In case of required occasionally cleaning, the heat exchanger has a plug for each ”pipe”. By unscrewing the lowest plug and connecting it to a drain, the heat exchanger can be quickly cleaned without slurring the surroundings, as well as the operator.

Reference base

With several installations running in Denmark since 2006, the Westcome® Heat Exchanger has proven itself in actual operation. These installations have provided Westcome Heat Exchanger A/S with solid experience and knowledge to improve the original prototype to the high developed stage of the Westcome® Heat Exchanger of today. Based on experience and development, we are very confident about and proud of our product.

We invite our future customers to contact us for further information and references, and we will be honored to serve you with any requests regarding our product.


End view of the V2 design, showing easy access to the plugs.

The V2 design with “in line” connections allows for even smaller overall width, when 2 or more units need to be built together to form a heat exchanger, as seen here.

One installation can for example include 2 sludge/sludge heat exchangers and 1 hot water/sludge unit, all built together side by side on the same base. This allows for easier installation, reduced pipe work and a nice “one- unit” appearance, when the pre-manufactured cover is mounted.